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News video games 22 October 2023, 16:23

author: Marcin Przala

GTA 6 is Expected to Provide Ton of Improvements to Physics and World Simulation; Leaked Changes

A list of alleged improvements in graphics, physics and world simulation to be introduced by Rockstar in GTA 6 has surfaced on the Internet. This time the source of the leak is a trusted website created by fans of the series.

Source: Rockstar Games.

The Internet welcomes more rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI. This time their source is the reputable fan website Rockstar Mag, which in recent years has become famous for publishing verified (and legally sourced) information on the series.

As conveyed by the aforementioned website, upcoming GTA reportedly uses innovative systems, the introduction of which to the game was made possible by the use of a modified RAGE engine, upgraded for the game to the 9th iteration.

What technological advances are we talking about? Rockstar Mag suggests they are colossal. The website's editors were even tempted to make an artful comparison, writing that the jump between the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI and Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to be even bigger than the one we witnessed between the launches of GTA V and RDR 2.

Will GTA 6 take gaming to a new level?

In addition to rather vague information about improvements in the areas of artificial intelligence, the daily cycle and texture rendering quality, Rockstar Mag also shared a few details about the technicalities and systems heading into the title in question.

  • Much of attention in GTA 6 is to be devoted to water, which will play a key role in the game, and which was fully taken care of by a dedicated subdivision of Rockstar San Diego. A team of more than 20 engineers, after months of experimentation and complex calculations, reportedly managed to implement into the game a physical system for simulating the behavior of water in real time.
  • The physics of vehicles was also to be rebuilt, achieving greater realism. Thanks to the multiplication of the number of polygons, deformations resulting from collisions are to better reflect reality. Moreover, modifications to the car will affect not only its appearance, but also the comfort and "feel" of driving. For example, mounting a spoiler on the vehicle will prove useful when driving in gusty storms.
  • The game is also to use physically simulated light thanks to the PBR technology, which imparts optical properties to objects. Combined with dynamic day and night cycle and advanced weather simulation, Rockstar's game will, according to rumors, offer unprecedented realistic texture rendering of light sources in games.
  • The weather simulation and its extensive system will allegedly have impact on the gameplay. The wind is supposed to sway trees, destroy vegetation and even create powerful waves, while the rain will have a not inconsiderable effect on the steering of the vehicle we drive.

All this sounds very good, and given the history of Rockstar's greatest works, it doesn't seem improbable at all.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that all these are still just rumors, which may or may not turn out to be true.

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