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Grand Theft Auto VI (PS5 cover
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Grand Theft Auto VI


The sixth main installment of a wildly popular series of sandbox games by Rockstar Games. GTA 6 has been rumored about for years, but the developers still haven't shared any official info about it.

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Grand Theft Auto VI is the sixth main installment of the bestselling series of open-world action games by Rockstar Games. In October 2019, Ruffian Games have announced they've started co-working with Rockstar, so the game may be one of the results of this co-operation.

We've first heard about GTA 6 in March 2016, when a source from the TechRadar website reported that work on the game had begun. Although some unofficial information about the project leaks from time to time, none of the leaks so far have been confirmed by the developer.

Plot - leaks

According to unofficial reports, Grand Theft Auto 6 is mostly inspired by the popular TV series Narcos. The game is to be set in the 1970s and the 1980s, in the iconic Vice City and a new metropolis modeled on Rio de Janeiro. Some missions are also rumored to be set in Liberty City, known from Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV. The game's main theme is to be drug trafficking, with the player character ambitious to ascend from a simple smuggler to a full fledged drug lord.

Other rumors suggest the game will instead by set in South America (Colombia and Jamaica, to be precise), while others yet, that the game will feature the first female protagonist in the series.


Grand Theft Auto VI will be set in a vast open world, traversible on foot and in various vehicles (we can expect cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters and boats). Multiple available radio stations can make driving these vehicles more interesting.

Story missions are accompanied by a staggering number of side activities. As is standard for the series, we must watch out not to attract police attention (unless we really want to), as if we mess with them, they'll chase us relentlessly. In combat against the cops or other criminals we can wield a wide roster of weaponry; this includes firearms, explosives and other gadgets.

Unofficial reports suggest the game's to be just as realistic as the bestselling Red Dead Redemption 2. The playable character is to have a limited weapon/gadget carrying capacity, while the world is to change over time - for example, the further into the game we are, the more expensive old rare cars will get. More realistic and violent weather phenomena, such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, are also set to appear. Apart from being a visual spectacle, they're also allegedly supposed to impact gameplay - for example, if we're not careful during a storm, we'll get struck by lightning.


Due to the huge success of Grand Theft Auto Online, it can be expected that GTA 6 will feature both singleplayer and an extensive multiplayer mode that will be developed for years after the game's release.


Considering Rockstar's previous achievements, it's safe to assume Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature visuals of the highest possible quality. The same should hold true about the soundtrack, consisting primarily of licensed songs played on various radio stations.

Last updated on 16 June 2023

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Expectations: 7.8 / 10 based on 1667 votes.

Age restrictions Grand Theft Auto VI: 18+

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