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Recipes in Backpack Battles

In Backpack Battles, players have many options to create unique items. In our guide, we provide a list of recipes in the game and explain how to discover them.

Source: Backpack Battles, developer: PlayWithFurcifer

Backpack Battles is an auto battler game in which players have many options when it comes to creating their build. They have to purchase a number of items and then put them into a backpack to create something unique. In our guide, we give you a list of recipes that will allow you to combine one item with another.

How to combine items in Backpack Battles?

The gameplay of Backpack Battles is divided into two segments - combat and purchasing. In the shop, you can buy an item and place it in your backpack next to another to have a chance to discover the recipe. If the combination was correct, the next time you visit the shop, something new will be created! The game will inform you about that, so you will not miss it. Look for light beams.

Fans of the game have also created a thread on Steam where they share their discovered recipes. We recommend checking it out, as you may find other interesting connections there in the future.

Sword recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Hero Sword + 2x Gloves of Haste = Falcon Sword,
  2. Hero Sword + 2x Whetstone = Hero Longsword,
  3. Wooden Sword + 2x Whetstone = Hero Sword,
  4. Lightsaber + Demonic Flash = Darksaber.

Blade recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Hungry Blade + Mana Orb = Manathirst,
  2. Hungry Blade + Thorn Whip = Bloodthorne.

Dagger recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Dagger + Blood Amulet = Blood Dagger,
  2. Dagger + Mana Orb = Spectral Dagger,
  3. Dagger + Pestilence Flask = Poison Dagger.

Potion recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Armor Potion + 2x Rocks = Strong Armor Potion,
  2. Health Potion + 2x Healing Herbs = Strong Health Potion,
  3. Heroic Potion + Banana = Strong Heroic Potion.

Goobert recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Goobert + 2 Fly Argaric = Poison Goobert,
  2. Goobert + Blood Amulet = Blood Goobert,
  3. Goobert + Hero Sword = Steel Goobert,
  4. Goobert + Light Goobert + Blood Goobert + Steel Goobert + Poison Goobert = Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime,
  5. Goobert + Lightsaber = Light Goobert.

Other recipes in Backpack Battles

  1. Armor + Blood Amulet = Vampiric Armor,
  2. Broom + Mana Orb = Magic Staff,
  3. Gloves + Blood Amulet = Vampiric Gloves,
  4. Hammer + Piggybank = Bunch of coins (worth 5 coins)
  5. Magic Staff + Acorn Collar = Critwood Staff,
  6. Magic Staff + Demonic Flask = Wand of Unhealing,
  7. Pan + Heroic Potion = Eggscalibur
  8. Ruby Whelp + Holy Fire Lizard card = Ruby Chonk,
  9. Wooden Buckler + Walrus Tusk = Spiked Shield.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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