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News guides 20 October 2023, 06:27

author: Damian Gacek

How to Get Bulk Carrier in Star Trek Infinite (Immediate Evacuation Mission)

If you play Federation in Star Trek Infinite, at some point you will get a mission Immediate Evacuation. To finish this quest, you will have to use Bulk Carrier. In this guide we will tell you how to get it.

Source: Star Trek Infinite, developer: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Star Trek Infinite is a newly released grand strategy game set within the expansive Star Trek universe. It's developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive. While you might not be familiar with the developer, Paradox Interactive is renowned for creating intricate strategy games with a wealth of options. This holds true for Star Trek Infinite as well. If you're acquainted with Stellaris, another space strategy title published by Paradox, you'll discover a familiar gaming experience in this new production. Of course, the lore is completely different. What is more, you can count on missions which are connected with familiar people and places. One of them is Immediate Evacuation. You will need a Bulk Carrier to finish it.

How to Get a Bulk Carrier to complere Immediate Evacuation mission in Star Trek Infinite

If you play as Federation, at some point you will get Immediate Evacuation mission. Romulan homeworld will be destroyed but it is possible to save people. However, to do that you will need a Bulk Carrier. It is a special ship which is not unlocked by technology.

Mission tree unlocks in Star Trek Infinite

To get Bulk Carrier you will need to do some quests from Mission tree (rhomb icon on the left of your screen). Be prepared to complete:

How to Get Bulk Carrier in Star Trek Infinite (Immediate Evacuation Mission) - picture #1
You have to complete Starburst. Star Trek Infinite, developer: Nimble Giant Entertainment
  1. Where No One Has Gone Before – have 2 science ships with scientists and survey 10 systems.
  2. Understand the Unknown – research 5 anomalies.
  3. First Contacts – contact 5 minor powers.
  4. Multilateral Accords – form 3 Commercial Pacts and Research Agreements.

Watch out: at this point you will have to pick one out of two – Grow the Federation or Empower Section 31. Picking one option blocks you from doing the other. If toy want to get a Bulk Carrier, you have to choose…

  1. Grow the Federation – assimilate 2 minor powers.
  2. Starburst – have neutral relations with Romulan Star Empire and Complete Suspicious Flares.

Most of the above you will do without thinking about them. In the case of Suspicious Flares, it is an event which will activate itself at some point. So simply sent a scientist when the time comes. The most problematic one is Grow the Federation. Assimilation is a lengthy process, if you had not assimilated an empire before the information about Immediate Evacuation mission, you may not be ready in time.

How to Build Bulk Carrier in Star Trek Infinite

Once you complete Starburst, you will be able to build a Bulk Carrier in your shipyard. It costs 250 Alloys and it will take 288 days to create. Of course, the cost and length can vary, depending on the technologies you have. Once the ship is built, you will have to send it to Earth’s orbit.

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