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News video games 26 October 2023, 03:33

author: Kamil Kleszyk

PayDay 3 Devs Apologize Again and Provide Info on Anticipated Patch

The developers of PayDay 3 continue to apologize, and the promised patch is still nowhere to be seen. Only new details of the upcoming update can be considered some consolation.

Source: Prime Matter

The situation in which the developers from Starbreeze find themselves is definitely not enviable. All because of the recent, very unsuccessful launch of PayDay 3. Apart from the problems with servers, the latest installment of the shooter series is full of all sorts of flaws and shortcomings that effectively take away the fun from the game.

Chances to save the project are seen in announced updates, which, unfortunately, have still not been released. Aware of the growing bitterness of the community, the developers have sent a message, in which they once again apologized for the lack of appropriate action on their part. At the same time they assured that all the time they are working on fixes.

We’ve been quiet over the last few days, and for that we apologize. It’s not easy to communicate when we have not been able to offer any updates on the one big topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now: When are the patches coming to PAYDAY 3? Despite our silence, we want to assure you all that the team is still working on our main priority, which is to get the patch we promised out to you, and to make sure our patching process allows us to continue publishing them at a steady cadence in the future," the message reads.

As proof of these words Starbreeze shed some light on the future of PayDay 3.

  1. By far the most important from the point of view of players is the information that the first patch has been sent for testing and is waiting for certification.
  2. The developers also addressed the issue of the long wait for the patch. It turns out that they discovered "critical bugs in the update chain shortly after the game's release." As a result, there was a risk that player progress in PayDay 3 would be erased.
  3. Starbreeze also pointed to player feedback on the progression system. The team is reportedly considering "how it can be adjusted to balance both the challenges and the offering of points for each heist." Details on the matter are expected to appear "soon."
  4. Finally, the developers have promised that before the end of the year PayDay 3 will receive free content updates, provided, of course, that the team is able to "consistently deliver the required patches."

Great migration to PayDay 2

It is worth mentioning that with each passing day without the highly anticipated patch, the player population of PayDay 3 is declining. One month after its release, the game has been abandoned by 90% of people. According to the latest data from SteamDB in the last few days, the game is being played by just over 3 thousand people at most. The fatal condition of the game translates into a growth of interest in the second installment. PayDay 2 is was being played by as many as 30,000 Steam users recently.

  1. PayDay 3 - official website

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Kamil Kleszyk

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