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News movies & tv series 26 October 2023, 01:22

author: Patrycja Otfinowska

Pirates of the Caribbean Has a Prequel That Few Have Seen; It Was Made in Just 3 Days

An unknown prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean was made in just a few days, and it explains some of the mysteries of the series. Few have seen it, though.

Source: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of Dark Pearl, Gore Verbinski, Walt Disney Pictures, 2003.

Pirates of the Caribbean have already established themselves in pop culture for good. Many people adore the restless and a bit crazy captain Jack Sparrow and eagerly await the next cinematic adventure starring the pirate. However, not many people know that a prequel of this iconic series has been made.

A 10-minute video was made in 2011, showing the events before the Curse of the Black Pearl. The director of this short, entitled Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked was by James Ward Byrkit, known for his work on, among other projects, Parallel Reality. Since the shooting sets in Pirates Bay, which we know from the movies, were to be demolished, the short project was prepared swiftly and later shot in just three days.

We meet Captain Jack Sparrow in the 2003 movie in a rather dire situation. He finds himself at sea, his boat takes on water and threatens to sink. He manages to "land" in the harbor and is thrown into the whirlwind of events that intertwine his fate with Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan.

In the prequel we learn a little about what happened to the pirate earlier, specifically how he schemed and cheated. Two ladies, rather light-hearted, are preparing for a wedding. Giselle and Scarlett find themselves on Tortuga, an island well-known among pirates. However, moments before the ceremony, they learn that they both have been deceived by Sparrow. He got engaged to both of them and arranged for the same date, but instead of enjoying themselves at a beautiful ceremony, the ladies were auctioned off.

Of course, the whole event quickly gets out of hand, but in addition to explaining why the redhead and the blonde are not fond of Sparrow, we also learn how one of the Pearl's crewmen lost his tongue.

The video was included only as a special feature in the American DVD set that included the first four movies. It was also included in a similar set in the UK.

If you are curious to know exactly how Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code - Wedlocked looked, then you can watch the footage below:

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