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News Files and Mods 17 October 2023, 15:00

author: Adrian Werner

The Great War Mod for Total War Delights [Update: version 6.2.3 is out]

A new version of The Great War, a major mod that brings Napoleon: Total War to the era of World War I, has been released.

Source: Great War Team


A new version of the project, numbered 6.2.3, has just been released, focusing mainly on bug fixes and improved gameplay balance.

The Great War- download the mod from our FTP server

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Released in 2010, Napoleon: Total War remains the installemt closest to modern times. After it was released, Creative Assembly focused mainly on antiquity and expeditions into the fantastic universe of Warhammer. Fortunately, fans themselves do not have similar reservations. Two weeks ago we wrote about the massive Empire II, a today we want to draw your attention to an ambitious modification moving the action to World War I.

The mod is called The Great War and is designed for Napoleon: Total War. The mod changes most elements of the game. We get nations, units and thoroughly reworked gameplay mechanics reflecting the new setting. The whole thing is brilliantly executed, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. You can play both in multiplayer and solo. Importantly, in addition to battles, a strategic campaign is also available.

  1. The Great War - download the mod from our FTP server

Released the day before yesterday, the new version of The Great War is marked with the number 6.2. It collects into one package not only the basic version of the mod, but also all the most important so-called submods (i.e. add-ons) for this project.

First of all, The Great War's update solves several serious technical problems. The bizarre engine freezes during some battles have finally been eliminated. The developers have also improved graphics and gameplay balance.

Version 6.2 completes this stage of the project's development. Currently, the creators are working on version 7.0 of the mod. For now they are not ready to reveal what novelties it will feature, but they promise that the changes will be significant and we can expect a large number of new elements.

  1. The Great War mod on ModDB
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